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"The World's Best Rocking Chairs"

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A’s Furniture Inc. is proud to make available to our customers the
 "Worlds Best RockIng Chairs” from Troutman Chair Co.

Founded in 1924 in the foothills of North Carolina, Troutman Chair Company has long been known for making the best oak rocking chairs, chairs, and stools. Their products are constructed without glue, using a technique called swelled joint construction. Having their own sawmill allows them to use this technique. Larger posts (front and back) are seasoned 6 to 9 months and smaller rounds (rungs) are kiln dried. With the variance in moisture content, the small posts absorb moisture from the large and swell, while the larger posts lose moisture and shrink, making a much tighter fit than if they had been glued together. A Troutman chair will get tighter over time.

Its  "tight fit" also comes from interlocking joinery. This process is one in which the front and back frames of the chairs and rockers are assembled separately. When these two parts are clamped together, the boring on each frame notches the dowel on the front post and back post making it near impossible for the front or back assembly to be pulled apart. Please see illustration below.

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These processes are just two of the many that make their products built for lifetimes of use. We consider the art of rocking a time honored southern tradition and are steadfast in our mission to preserve that tradition and share it with the rest of the world.